Noémie & Christine met in 2011, at the Parisian culinary school Ferrandi Paris. There, they bonded over a mutual love for New York and New Yorkers. Shortly after they pursued their food passion by moving to the Big Apple and married two handsome locals! These men became the first to taste their delicious creations, next came friends, and now you.
The artisanal bakery
Pistache NYC was born two years later, named after the exotic pistachio, a nut both women adore roasted, whole, crushed or powdered, nested in a chocolate cake, sprinkled on salads...

What do we like about Pistache’s cooking?
They offer a distinctive line of simple yet refined homemade treats, both savory and sweet. They mix French techniques and traditional recipes with the cultural melting pot of New York City, and a belief in natural, healthy cooking.
They prepare their products from scratch, using the best ingredients they can find -organic and local whenever possible. They use the ripest fruits and vegetables in season and always keep an eye on the scale when it comes to sugar and salt!



In 2014, Damien & Jeremy (two young French men) arrived in NYC to pursue the American dream. La Cigogne features a menu inspired by traditional French family recipes.

La Cigogne (‘The Stork’ in English) is the emblem of Alsace -Damien’s homeland in eastern France. It's no wonder that some of his favorite childhood dishes can be found on the menu: the comforting Spätzles (homemade egg-noodles served in a variety of creamy sauces), the tasty Flammekuëche (or ‘flame tarte’, a sort of thin-crust flatbread), or a delicious roasted chicken served with an equally delicious potato gratin to name a few.

What do we like about La Cigogne’s cooking?

They use fresh ingredients sourced from trusted providers (such as Paisanos Butcher Shop). There’s a full page of dishes for kids in the menu. The food is delicious, and it will please both parents and kids. How nice for a family meal to have an alternative choice to pizza & french fries!

If you’ve never been there, we encourage you to take your family out for a weekend brunch or lunch. Have a seat next to the fireplace and enjoy a very nice meal, surrounded by a truly kind staff.  And do not forget to tell your kids to check out the shelf full of books!


In 2012, Andrew opened Avlee Greek Kitchen after nearly a lifetime of working in the restaurant business. His parents owned and operated a restaurant in Brooklyn when he was a kid, which gave him the skills and recipes he would use to finally open his own place. Andrew chose to name his restaurant Avlee, which means garden in Greek, as a tribute to restaurant's home of Carroll Gardens.

What do we like about Avlee’s cooking?

They offer traditional Greek cuisine using trusted family recipes. They believe that flavor is the highest priority. They value simplicity in cooking and strive to serve food as close to the way nature intended as possible. Everything is made fresh daily using ingredients that they are committed to buying from local farmers. But their most important ingredient can’t be purchased - it’s the pride they take in their cooking, which will be clear as soon as you taste their delicious food!



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