The adventurous, enthusiastic mom to Mathis & Juliette, living in Park Slope.

Relocated from London. Grew up in the South of France… and finds the winter season a bit too long in NYC! Loves to cook for her family & friends. Her signature dishes: thai curry (actually lived in Thaïland) and all sorts of tarts and quiches.



The thoughtful, meditative mom to Chiara & Lou living in Carroll Gardens.

Relocated from Paris. Grew up in Paris, with a hint of Corsica. Master in the art of creating tasty and balanced dinners with just leftovers. Loves when her husband is cooking for her family & friends.

We are 2 true “maman poules” (mother hens). Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our family. We love to share family moments -weekday dinners are one of them.

We are dedicated to our families and our jobs. We do not have time to waste! When we cook, it is a pleasure. When we don’t, we do not want to compromise on the quality of meals we serve. They have to be fresh, healthy and above all tasty!

How did we come up with the idea of creating 'Food & Voila!'?

The topic of weekdays dinners was recurrent in our conversations. We kept discussing how difficult it was to shop for healthy food and how painful it was to prepare meals everyday.


One day, we just decided to roll up our sleeves and create exactly the service that would save the day (or at least the dinner). We contacted our favorite restaurants and caterers and asked them if they would work with us to create the family meals we craved.

Now a few days a week, you can relax and get to share a fresh and very tasty dinner with your family!


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